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are merchant cash advances illegal

Merchant cash advances are a financial product that’s providing many small business owners with the funds they need to continue growing. The service has been placed in the media spotlight recently due to opposition by traditional lenders. These companies have challenged the services claiming that they should be illegal. This article will review merchant cash […]

What is a hard money loan?

The vast majority of people who are looking to purchase real estate do not have the cash on hand to meet the full asking price. As a result, the single largest source of household debt today is due to mortgages. However, while traditional mortgages usually meet the requirements of the average home buyer, who often […]

Open Enrollment: What Small Businesses Need to Know About the Affordable Care Act

Here’s a great article from DisplayOverStock.com. We felt this article was super informative. While both employees and small business owners might be watching to find out what Congress might do with the Republican plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, the law remains in effect. This means that small business owners should prepare […]

Visual Branding Programs Agency

Design is an integral part of your business’s success. It is always at the forefront of the creative process to establish a logo or perhaps a key phrase. However, such archaic attempts at penetrating your consumers’ psyche will not have the branding impact needed in today’s global economy. The question then becomes, how do you […]

UX & Interaction Design Agency

Both websites and their applications have gradually become more and more complex as technologies and key methodologies continue to progress. What was once a single fixed medium has developed into a very interactive experience overall. However, in spite of everything that’s changed in the creative process, the general success of a website is still determined […]

User Interface Development Agency

The user interface typically involves screen objects that a user sees and directly interacts with on a site such as menus, check boxes, toggles, dialog boxes, icons, images, accordions, sliders, data fields, tags, progress bars, animations, and any other element that requires some action by the user to accomplish a task. User interface development involves […]

TV & Broadcast Production Agency

Although a great deal of the marketing media is focusing on the achievements of businesses in the digital space, there is still no bigger advertising media space than the television. Depending on the audience that you are targeting, television is more effective than the digital space. You may believe that you do not have the […]

Traditional & Digital Media Buying Agency

Purchasing media and ads is an important part of marketing. It is crucial to any marketing campaign that you have a strategy in place to determine your buying plan. A major part of marketing is ensuring that the right message gets to the right demographic at the right time, and proper media buying is key […]

Strategic Brand Guidance Agency

Although many new business people believe that marketing and branding are the same thing, sophisticated and established business people understand the subtle nuances. Having a successful branding effort over the long term is a great way to reduce your expenditures across the board, leaving more of your revenues available to put towards expansion as well […]

Software Development Agency

One of the most important services in the digital age is software development. Businesses need websites, Web applications and mobile apps to represent their companies to the public, to provide online services to their customers and to collect valuable data from their users. Software development has always been a highly specialized skill, and as users […]

Social & Communication Agency

Our agency is dedicated to a partnership with you that will create a beautiful website, and we will help you design your site from top to bottom. Your website is only the beginning of a joint marketing campaign that is going to bring your company more sales and customers. We work from several angles to […]

Search Marketing Agency

Having a website is a lot like having a brick and mortar store that is not in the phone book, has done no advertising and is located in the middle of nowhere. It can look as appealing as it wants and have every product someone could ever need stocked, but without customers, it’s completely pointless. […]

Search Engine Optimization Agency

As more and more businesses rely on the internet to get themselves known to customers around the world, it’s becoming increasingly important to learn the value of search engine optimization. Ranking high on Google or other search engines is imperative to increasing traffic to your website, as well as being one of the first choices […]

Responsive Web Development Agency

Responsive web design is critically important for businesses as the realm of digital real estate morphs into a miniaturized version of itself. More consumers access digital content on creative, new devices that have very different rendering aspects than traditional, full screen monitors. Businesses must place their brand messages front-facing to the public for maximum message […]

Responsive Web Design Agency

As the usage of smart phones, tablets and other small-screen devices rapidly grows, one size no longer fits all. Website visitors now have vastly different visual experiences and expectations. Responsive web design is one of the biggest trends that takes these evolving platforms into consideration. It’s now almost crucial to adapt your site to these […]

Research & Market Valuation Agency

Valuing a business can be one of the most difficult aspects of running one. There are many different types of industries and each one has their own way of determining the value of a company. Yearly net income and cash flow are a good place to start, but many businesses wonder how to value things […]

Relationship Management Agency

The internet has forever changed the buyer-seller relationship. Companies can no longer remain passive and or try to impose their brand’s relevance in their market. Companies need a complete online marketing and advertising solution, one where they bring their online brand and customer relationship management strategies to the next level. Today’s consumer is a real-time […]

Public Relations Agency

Does your company need a public relations agency? Chances are the answer is yes. Although you may feel as though the organization is doing just fine on its own, there is almost always room for improvement for companies that want to expand their reach and influence. How can public relations help? Public relations is a […]

Print Design Agency

The advent of online advertising has reinvented the marketing medium, but old-fashioned sellers may feel disenfranchised by the new format’s onset. This mindset misses a key fact: Today’s most profitable brands utilize a cunning combination of digital promotions and print designs. As such, the physical realm must not be ignored when it comes to customer […]

POS and POP Design Agency

Retailers have successfully utilized Point-of-Sale (POS) promotions at physical checkout locations for generations, but the format has changed with online shopping carts. Fortunately, similar lucrative effects can be generated by incorporating the services of a Point-of-Purchase (POP) design agency. This is one of the specialties enshrined by DotComWebDesign’s professional practice. The following overview explores how […]

Online Brand Identity Design Agency

Your identity as a business informs every other decision that you make. Without a strong business identity at the core of your mission statement and core employees, all of your decisions may bring short term results, but there will be no brand created over the long term. This results in rising costs of doing business […]

Motion Graphics Design Agency

We live in a highly visual society. Having the right visuals is of the utmost importance if you are trying to market a product. No matter how good your product or service may be, no one will take any notice if it is not projected to them correctly through multimedia. Even text based social media […]

Mobile Site Development Agency

The mobile space is developing more quickly than perhaps any digital space for business. If you are looking to expand your business or start it in a cost effective way, then you must find your way into the mobile space very soon with a great looking, fully optimized and responsive website for your company. You […]

Mobile App Marketing Agency

With the digital era witnessing an increasing trend in the use of Smartphones, both large and small businesses are now shifting their attention to mobile marketing to catch up with changes that are happening in the marketing world. In the past few years, the buyer behavior has really changed, and consumers are now using mobile […]

Mobile App Development Agency

In today’s business world, more companies are looking to attract new customers while also keeping current ones. At the same time, consumers are looking to do business with companies that appear to be progressive and embracing the many new types of technology. Above all, consumers want their shopping experiences as well as other kinds of […]

Mobile App Design Agency

Business owners often make a mistake when it comes to designing mobile apps; they think of their app as a product that people will use once or twice. When you work with us at DotComWebDesign, we’ll create a useful app that your customers will enjoy, but we’ll also create an app that you use as […]

Media Strategy & Planning Agency

The modern world offers many opportunities for marketing. The rise of social media and automated marketing tools as a way to connect with customers and build relationships with them brings an unprecedented level of depth to the way marketers and customers interact. However, without careful planning and a defined goal, it is easy for these […]

Media Relationship Management Agency

Every business that wants to build a positive public image needs to develop media relations. It takes time to contact newspapers, radio and television stations, related companies and services, and trade journals and establish a relationship that can continue to be revisited with every new promotional campaign. Then there’s social media as well, which requires […]

Media Acquisition & Management Agency

Businesses today are aware of the role various types of media play in their success or failure. Along with traditional media such as television or radio, digital media has in many cases surpassed the importance of other media forms. While some businesses recognized this trend earlier than others and took advantage of gaps in the […]

Learning Management Systems Agency

Learning Management Systems are applications of software that enable the user to administer, file, monitor, report and distribute education programs. As such, these systems provide the basis for electronic learning, more commonly referred to as e-learning. In addition to being beneficial to learners, these systems are also proving to be an essential training tool, not […]

Lead Processing Solutions Agency

We live in a highly competitive world. Whether you are new to business or have been in operation for a number of years, we now have access to the worldwide web, allowing you to reach customers on a global basis. While the opportunities are endless, the fact remains that business owners must be strategic and […]

Lead Generation Strategy Agency

In the modern world of business, many companies rely on lead generation as a way to increase their customer base and get themselves known to more and more markets. However, devising a lead generation strategy that is effective is often easier said than done for most businesses. Knowing you want more customers and getting them […]

Event Strategy & Planning Agency

In the world of business, one must constantly implement new ideas in order to keep up with the competition. After all, since the advent of the Internet, it has become increasingly easy for new rivals in every industry. While it’s crucial to have a strong online presence, it’s equally important to keep a good community […]

Experiential Marketing Agency

Experiential marketing can be very loosely defined as a marketing message you can touch, feel or experience within a three dimensional space. This has become a highly competitive arena within marketing, as brands become more and more invested in creating experiences which will create buzz in varied media forms, beyond the live event. Experiential marketing […]

Engagement & Activation Agency

Engaging consumers can take on a variety of approaches which can be done the most effectively after a company gets an accurate understanding of what engagement really means. Marketing Engagement Marketing engagement is based on the identification of consumer demographics being actively engaged and who out of these demographics are buying. Consumer engagement is also […]

Direct Response Marketing Agency

With all of the media emphasis on mobile marketing and other new technologies, the tried-and-true methods of direct response marketing are often overlooked. However, direct response marketing is one of the mainstays of any successful company, whether that company is a small business, a startup or a Fortune 100 company. In order to truly have […]

Digital Media Strategy Agency

As of 2013, all of the Fortune 100 companies are spending at least a quarter of their marketing budget on digital media. If the Fortune 100 cannot afford to look away from a proper digital media strategy, do you think that you will be able to? In order to survive and thrive in the increasingly […]

Digital Campaign Development Agency

Savvy businesses realize it takes more than traditional methods to stay ahead of the competition. Whereas years ago word of mouth was the way customers found out about new products or services, in today’s world companies must have a strong web presence to impress customers. But to have a strong web presence, companies know they […]

Digital Brand Development Agency

Brand development is one of the most important aspects of your online presence. Although your search engine optimization and marketing strategy is quite important, the long term impact that your site will make is due in large part to the branding efforts that you incorporate. You must learn the difference between marketing and branding and […]

CRM System Development Agency

A CRM system is a huge investment. Once implemented, your CRM system will become one of the integral parts of your business. Because of this, you need a CRM system tailor fitted to your business and ready to go.   Even if you opt for a commercial CRM system, you will still need a heavy […]

Creative Strategy Agency

Let’s face it: Using one marketing approach can only get you so far. To achieve real success, it takes a multifaceted advertising scheme. This is why today’s promoters should seek help from a Creative Strategy Agency. These companies specialize in delivering actual results right away. By emphasizing the importance of a well-rounded methodology, it is […]

Creative & Visual Agency

With text based sites such as Facebook and Twitter saying that they will switch to a video oriented platform, we as a business community have officially turned the corner into a new age of multimedia. Soon enough, the basic unit of communication on the Internet will be the video, not the block of text. Your […]

Corporate Identity Agency

Does your company have a unique identity? If not, we can help. Just as people like to be known by their correct names and identified by reputation, likewise, companies should be readily recognizable by their niche and image to the public. All too often, however, a business will neglect the opportunity to build rapport with […]

Content Management Systems Agency

There are lots of content management systems. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will discuss what defines a content management system, how to choose the one that fits your business needs, and how we can help you install the content management system that will fit your business perfectly. […]

Consumer Engagement & Retainment Agency

Consumer engagement and retainment is one of the most important things for any profitable company to do. Many studies suggest that it is up to five times more expensive to go out and get another customer than it is to simply retain one. This means that any business wanting to stay competitive in the market […]

Concept Development & Direction Agency

The beginning of all successful business campaigns is in concept development. There is no such thing as a mistaken success these days; there is simply too much competition for anything to sneak through without a purpose. If you do not have direction, then you will most certainly miss the majority of people who would have […]

Collateral Creation and Collateral Presentations Agency

Making proper presentations to potential clients is one of the best ways for any business to make a sale. However, with the new technology that is available today many businesses are behind the curve with their presentation skills when they use technology. Having the proper presentation skills can mean the difference in gaining and losing […]

Campaign Strategy and Campaign Management Agency

Your marketing campaign is perhaps the most important customer facing part of your business outside of your actual product quality. However, it is no good to have the best product in the world if no one knows about it! Many a company has gone out of business not because of the quality of its product, […]

Marketing Campaign Optimization Agency

In the extremely competitive and mobile modern business landscape, it is not enough to simply have a good looking website and branding campaign. Your website and your marketing efforts must also be fully optimized so that they can take advantage of the information distribution platforms that control visibility in the world of business today. – […]

Marketing Campaign Identity Agency

The people who are running your marketing campaign in-house may be quite technically proficient. They may have a great deal of experience in one aspect or another of the marketing campaign. However, allowing specialists to perform their duty without an overall campaign identity is akin to playing football and baseball at the same time on […]

Business and Product Modeling Agency

Nothing is more important to your business than the product. You can have the best marketing campaign in the world, but if your products are not modeled to the taste of your target audience, then you will have a great deal of trouble getting anyone back after that initial click through. The model of your […]

Brand Strategy and Brand Positioning Agency

Your company deserves the best shot at success. After giving it everything you’ve got in terms of internal resources, the next step should be to hand over your company’s marketing objectives to an expert agency who can help you reach them. Our company exists to help enterprises like yours become successful. In short order you […]

Brand Launch Strategy Agency

Launching a brand is an exciting project. It is difficult to execute a brand launch, but if done correctly, it can revitalize an old business or kick off a new one with a bang. Brands are very important to customers- they are the face of the product, in a way. So launching a new one […]

Landing Page Development Agency

Unfortunately, SEO is often touted as a black box product. You’ve heard by now that you need it for traffic, and the reward of getting the top rank on the search results page is definitely an enticing one. However, most other firms aren’t willing to share how they’re accomplishing this for your business; if they’re […]

Benefits Of A Trade Show Display

Trade shows are one of the most important events in any industry. The give companies the chance to get out there in a large space and tell customers exactly why their products are worth buying. For customers, it’s a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with some of their favorite companies. With great […]