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May 20th, 2017 by Max Soni

Brand development is one of the most important aspects of your online presence. Although your search engine optimization and marketing strategy is quite important, the long term impact that your site will make is due in large part to the branding efforts that you incorporate. You must learn the difference between marketing and branding and partner with the right agency that can give you both at the same time.

– What Exactly is Digital Branding?

Digital branding is the way that people perceive your company from top to bottom. If your logo and slogan are recognized by your target market, then you have created a good branding effort. If your products are associated with a certain industry, then your branding efforts have been good. For instance, Xerox is the name of a company, but when the average person says it, he or she is referring to an action of making a copy. With this kind of cultural relevance, the company Xerox has been able to keep sales level on its printers and other tech devices without increasing marketing spend for decades, even as the market expanded into the digital space and competitors tried to take market share from Xerox.

Digital branding is focused on the online portion of your company’s branding efforts. As more consumers find their way into the digital space, especially the mobile space, the opportunity to access the expendable income of new consumers will come from digital branding. In order to succeed, digital branding should be incorporated into the overall marketing strategy in order to build a positive feedback loop that brings in more new customers while reinforcing the value of the products of the company to repeat customers.

– Why is Digital Branding So Important?

The number one reason that you must brand yourself is so that you can take the limits off of your stream of revenue. People are very stringent about paying a premium based solely on the quality of a product; a company will only be able to charge a certain percentage above the cost of the materials used before customers will start to fall away from the product. However, a brand can add an exponential amount of value to your product without having to spend money to improve the quality. In effect, branding gives you the ability to scale your business, keeping costs level while improving revenues. This is the number one way to draw investors to your business when it is time to expand, sell or go public.

Digital branding is also important because of the ability of the brand to hold marketing costs steady. Once people are familiar with a brand, they will look for that brand whenever the problem that brand solves comes to mind. Without this recognition, a company will be forced to fight for the same customer over and over again, proving the worth of the product through marketing spend without gaining any leverage. The business will be stuck in the same place indefinitely.

Lastly, digital branding allows a company to hold its market share. Without brand recognition, a company will be forced to spend an increasing amount of money just to hold market share against the flood of new businesses that are constantly entering the digital space. Even companies that cannot compete from a price or quality level create advertising noise that can drive potential customers away from your brand. If you stand still with your digital branding, then you are losing ground.

– We Give You the Digital Branding that You Need to Succeed.

When you do business with Dot Com Web Design, we give you the ability to hold your market share, increase your revenue per unit and build a long term relationship with your audience that will last far beyond the current search engine optimization campaign that you have going. You will be able to think in a more strategic way. You will not have to fear looking over your shoulder for the next Google algorithm change or new breakthrough invention in your industry; you will have a fanbase of customers that will come to you first before they go looking in these more generic places. You will no longer be a new business; you will graduate into the higher realm of the established business.

Dot Com Web Design focuses on branding your company from top to bottom. Your website not only needs to look good, but it also needs to be optimized for Google, the other major search engines and the major industry directories of note. Your sales funnel will need to be streamlined in order to increase your click through rates and lower your bounce rate. All of these activities will work together to increase your organic presence online, limiting the amount of money that you will have to spend over time in order to market yourself through ads, PPC campaigns and paid PR. You will be able to redirect those funds into research, development, expansion and investor outreach.

Be sure to give us a call or an email as soon as you are ready to expand the idea of your company into society at large. We aim for the sky when it comes to your digital brand – there is nothing that we would like better than to make your company name a verb like Xerox for your industry. Our reputation is created from the hard work that we have done for our clients, and we aim to make all of our resources and experience available to you. Thank you for trusting us with your very important digital branding efforts!

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