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May 20th, 2017 by Max Soni

Retailers have successfully utilized Point-of-Sale (POS) promotions at physical checkout locations for generations, but the format has changed with online shopping carts. Fortunately, similar lucrative effects can be generated by incorporating the services of a Point-of-Purchase (POP) design agency. This is one of the specialties enshrined by DotComWebDesign’s professional practice. The following overview explores how POS and POP mechanisms have changed, and it reveals techniques to ensure that the beneficial results can stay the same.


The Origins

For a very long time, shops have been making deals with suppliers to promote their goods in a special manner. These kinds of arrangements usually took the form of POS offerings, which were typically placed near the register. Sales are often incentivized by extra discounts, and these types of cost-cutting initiatives rely on customer impulses. Over time, this kind of transaction became relegated to smaller sellers. This trend occurred as corporate chains exerted more control over the presentation of their shops, but POP purchases remain prevalent in local stores. Still, the Internet remained foreign territory for these schemes until recently. Companies like DotComWebDesign are at the forefront of a technological revolution that promises serious profit for websites of all backgrounds.


To perfect the process of POS planning, you will need astute programming skills at your disposal. Online checkout menus are already tricky, especially since they mandate extra security for financial transactions. Customers like streamlined purchases, so brands must go out of their way to guarantee simplicity in their POP designs. Every window must be fortified against tampering, and glitches must be avoided to prevent exploits. Furthermore, the layout must emphasize responsive elements. These adaptive coding practices are used to make sure that clients have an enjoyable browsing experience on all types of hardware. The best POS promotions can be simultaneously applied on desktop systems and mobile devices. Unfortunately, several brands limit their outreach by solely focusing on computer users. Luckily, the expertise of their programmers guarantees that this is never an issue with DotComWebDesign!


Determining the proper moment for POS integration is the main crux of a victorious offer. Deals must be presented at the right junction to cultivate the most receptive reaction possible. The best time to propose a discount is after the buyer has finished filling up their cart. Any interval before this can be considered too premature. Ideally, the best second to advertise a POP deal is after they have entered the checkout menu. It should be shown after the buyer has agreed to the final stages of a transaction, but it will be too late if it is shown after payment information is provided to the retailer. Post-sale promotions can also work wonders, but this is an entirely different realm of advertising.

Product Placement

Once you have figured out timing, you are ready to focus on placement. The positioning should be both aesthetic and functional. POP promotions should not be displayed in pop-up banners. This kind of presentation will deter buyers before they even view the content; instead, it is best to emphasize visibility without seeming intrusive or excessive. Sometimes, all it takes is a small notice above the confirmation. The section can be mildly highlighted to ensure that it is seen. Another crafty measure involves structuring the offer into the transaction itself. At this point, customers will not be able to miss the promotion, especially since they have to explicitly accept it or turn it down. The most prosperous spot depends on your company’s personal offerings, but DotComWebDesign knows how to make any POS scheme work!

Worth & Value

After you have taken care of the logistics, you must make sure that the offer is worth the extra hassle. Customers are not going to be impressed unless there is real value. Relevance is the key concern here. A majorly slashed price will do nothing to increase sales if the item is not directly connected to the buyer’s current purchase. To make sure every possible need is covered, it is wise to employ multiple POP promotions at the same time. Each one can cater to a different demographic. Keen internal linking can be employed to pull up the most appropriate deal for every individual. Once again, this level of responsive design is the programmer’s duty!

Remember, this is completely different from offering a percentage discount or free shipping. POS sales require a new item to be presented at a lower rate. The exclusive promo can make buyers feel uniquely valued by the brand, which is crucial when it comes to retaining repeat customers. Wise brands emphasize the fact that these advertisements represent one-time opportunities, which can only be redeemed immediately. With this messaging scheme, the impulsive mindset inherently kicks in to meet the imperative incentive.

The Agency’s Role

So, all of this probably sounds like a headache to those of you business leaders that are focused on old-fashioned marketing principles, but have no fear! DotComWebDesign is here to do all of the gritty work while you turn your attention to more pressing matters. This organization has a storied legacy packed with experience and credentials. They can help any fledgling company reach an actualized form. These professionals are clearly not strangers to the inner workings of Web design, and they can fully assess the technical side of things for you.

Basically, if you come to DotComWebDesign with a storefront, they will take the initiative to transform it into a thriving source of economic revenue. A major part of their approach lies in the power of POS and POP offers. It has never been so easy to enter the world of online commerce as a formidable entity. The tiniest operations can gradually reach large-scale development, and it is all based on the assistance provided by this phenomenal business. If you are struggling to figure out the next step in your brand’s expansion, then seek a consultation with these guys now. You will surely not be disappointed!

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