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May 20th, 2017 by Max Soni

The advent of online advertising has reinvented the marketing medium, but old-fashioned sellers may feel disenfranchised by the new format’s onset. This mindset misses a key fact: Today’s most profitable brands utilize a cunning combination of digital promotions and print designs. As such, the physical realm must not be ignored when it comes to customer outreach. With an astonishing amount of print design solutions, DotComWebDesign is the perfect choice for handling local marketing and in-person presentations. Here’s how they can help you maximize conventional means in this digital age:


Represent Your Region

Online venues are usually impersonal and generic, which strictly benefits a universal audience; however, the layout detracts from the ability to target niche groups and local demographics. Fortunately, a print design agency can quickly connect your company with nearby consumers. Papers can be personalized for each district. This will make regional populations feel much more valued, especially in comparison with overly broad Web advertising.

Show Off Prestige

Because all websites are subjected to relatively similar pricing schemes, it is impossible to tell which brands are truly distinguished. Besides sheer functionality and aesthetics, there is not very much that sets good sites apart from the bad ones. The opposite is true for print designs. For example, high quality paper represents a preeminent company. Grandeur is also showcased by proper graphic design features!

Reach Different Demographics

The online community is predominantly skewed towards younger users. This environment has an inadvertent tendency to alienate mature audiences, and they may subsequently rely on different methods of communication. Because no technological prowess is needed, you can reach buyers that have very little Web savvy. For example, if your services are primarily aimed at elderly consumers, then you will have minimal success online. The same is true for extremely young audiences, but you may have luck targeting their parents. Still, pamphlets are usually more attractive to moms and dads alike. Overall, most disadvantages are easily avoided by merging digital practices with conventional techniques.

Utilize Traditional Graphic Design Principles

Sometimes, the original way is simply better! This is definitely true when it comes to the world of graphic design, but websites often eschew the medium’s basic tenets in exchange for flashier visuals. This may attract more interest up front, but it actually subtracts from a company’s long-term value. Meanwhile, the printed format allows for a lot more personality and professionalism. There are too many paper offerings out there that feature poor planning, excessive pixelation and general incoherence. This would not be the case if more people studied the refined art of graphic design, which is exactly what DotComWebDesign has done!

Be Unique

In the end, all online sites can be pretty much the same, especially since there are only so many ways to break out of the cookie-cutter mold. On the other hand, paper designs exemplify unlimited creativity, expression and character. These are three special traits that every bold business wants associated with their name. The virtual world is filled with too many gimmicks for serious companies, so they prefer to conduct their promotions in person. With the mainstream return of vintage art, printed works are experiencing a serious revival. This resurgence extends to all companies, and it benefits brands of every background.

Enjoy Unprecedented Affordability

As marketers continue their migration towards digitally based advertising, printed approaches are getting cheaper by the day. Even though the medium is more effective than ever, people are not taking advantage of it. Ultimately, this has created an environment where the best means of promotion is also the most inexpensive. Web designs require a lot of upkeep and technical support, so the rewards are often mitigated by high costs. Meanwhile, paper presentations only need a single investment to get the whole operation under way. The main cost is just ink, and bulk buyers can score great deals on their colors anyway!

Where Should I Advertise?

The answer to this question depends on multiple factors; therefore, it is wise to consider your company’s purpose and goals. Once you have determined a specific mission, then it is time to get to work. To reach widespread readers, the smartest move involves looking into magazine advertisements and newspaper promotions. If you have a captive audience, then pamphlets and brochures will work wonders. These methods work best among school students, church congregations and conference hall attendees. Posters can also be implemented to garner extensive public notice. This kind of billboard may be incorporated to drum up support for an important political rally, but the advertising genre is also helpful for concerts, performances and speeches.

Who Benefits From Print Designs Most?

The truth is that everyone can witness advantageous effects from traditional advertising, but all categories of retail can expect varying degrees of success. Obviously, the most victorious ventures often focus on health products for senior citizens. Religious goods are also easier to sell this way as opposed to online. This is especially valid for spiritual communities that do not believe in using electronics or technology. Paper is commonly the sole outlet for reaching them. Still, this doesn’t mean that other retailers should be ignored. Printed designs can be refreshing for anyone that is over-saturated in virtual stimulation, so the power of paper should never be underestimated.

What Can an Agency Do For Me?

Based on the name, you may think that DotComWebDesign is only capable of addressing online issues, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. This is because most printed advertisements still start on the computer. Paper promotions have been perfected by these guys, and there is no end in sight to their potential advancements. Flawless image quality is retained with every copy. Vectors factor heavily into their pristine developments. In addition to paper designs, this agency can also help your company hone its online presence. They can single-handedly revolutionize your marketing methodology with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Point-of-Sale Purchases and social media awareness campaigns!

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