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May 20th, 2017 by Max Soni

Does your company have a unique identity? If not, we can help. Just as people like to be known by their correct names and identified by reputation, likewise, companies should be readily recognizable by their niche and image to the public. All too often, however, a business will neglect the opportunity to build rapport with the community or the Internet by establishing a specific identity that customers will remember and return to.

What is corporate identity?

A corporate identity is like a name badge at a conference that enables interested people to find you and associate a certain image with your name. When the company’s name is mentioned, the public thinks of the company in a specific way. For example, a leading rubber company may be thought of as a world-wide manufacturer or car tires, although it makes many other products as well. Its logo of a winged heel comes to mind when the name is mentioned.

A company’s identity can involve more. For example, an organization may build a reputation as the business that always gives back to its customers through rebates, loyalty programs, holiday discounts, etc. Another company can be counted on for donations when charities come calling. A third might become known for sponsoring the local Little League program each year. So, addition to establishing a reputation for a certain product or service, a company also develops an image of public relations within the general community, which may impact customer relations, as well.

We can help.

Your good name builds good will. Our corporate identity agency can work with you to design a corporate image that will draw public attention and admiration. Your company name could become a household word that is synonymous with a certain trait or image. Working closely with your company leaders, we will explore your strategic goals and mission to create an identity that is quickly recognizable to the public eye.

First, we’ll examine your corporate history to find key points that the public will want to know about.

The next step is to look at what your organization is doing now in terms of growth or redirection. Even if your company has merely survived recent economic difficulties, that can become a cornerstone image of perseverance and commitment.

Then we’ll discuss your company’s future objectives and how we can favorably promote them to the public as part of your evolving corporate image. Every piece of information we collect will be analyzed for its potential to contribute to your public image. From those gleanings we will collate the most relevant pieces to form an identity that the public will respond to.

How we do it.

Our team of experts will massage and polish your corporate identity to maximize its potential. We’ll help to target your market niche and prospective client base in order to hone your identity and effectively reach them.

You can decide which media will best convey your identity to the public. Some companies prefer the traditional route through press releases and radio ads. Others request a more contemporary approach using social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We’ll develop convenient apps that work with cell phones and iPads to let everyone know about your new identity.

We work with specialists who have significant marketing experience and background. They have the know-how to bolster your company’s visibility to the general public as well as within your particular industry.

Designing a logo is one of the first objectives for creating an identity. A simple idea can sometimes become a global phenomenon with the right image and promotion. Color, shape, and size are some of the distinguishing characteristics.

Another objective is to craft a marketing motto that resonates with consumers. This will be a memorable phrase or statement that links with the logo to instantly identify your corporation in the public eye.

If broadcast advertising is used, accompanying music or a jingle is another possibility. It can be adapted to digital format as well as regular radio or television transmission.

Mascots are another way to create a public persona that is easily identifiable. Sometimes these are animal figures, superheroes, aliens, or everyday people who represent the company in a likeable or relatable way.

Our team of marketing experts can help you select the options that are most likely going to enhance your company’s image. Not only will we help you design and market these elements, but we can also train your staff to use these marketing tools to optimum advantage. There are many strategies we can teach you for promoting your company through the use of corporate identification.

In addition to having relevant skills and experience, our marketing experts are committed to helping you develop the tools you need for marketing success. Your community wants to know who you are and how your business operates. We can help to make a meaningful introduction that will benefit everyone.

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