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May 20th, 2017 by Max Soni

Business owners often make a mistake when it comes to designing mobile apps; they think of their app as a product that people will use once or twice. When you work with us at DotComWebDesign, we’ll create a useful app that your customers will enjoy, but we’ll also create an app that you use as part of an advertising campaign for your business. This two-pronged approach gives you the best of both worlds; you create an app to satisfy a customer need, and you also build your business brand every time someone uses it.

Selecting a mobile development agency is a critical part of building an awesome app. There are tons of talented designers out there, but you need to find a company that can work with you to build your app on time and on budget. When you bring your project to DotComWebDesign, we help you in the following ways:

Build An App That Is Both Business And Design Oriented

When you build a mobile app, you build a business asset that helps you meet your revenue goals. The problem is that you have to build an app that combines functionality with good design. No one is going to use a clunky and slow app that looks like it was designed by an amateur.

Our design team knows this, and we do our best to understand how your app needs to work to fit your goals, and we use this knowledge to create beautiful apps that are fast and functional. We strive to give you the best product, and this leads to a better return on investment for your business.

We’ll ask you questions about your business; we’ll use these questions to figure out the demographics that you are trying to reach. We’ll work with you to figure out the needs and desires of your target audience, and then we’ll create an app that caters to these needs. Our design team will help you figure out how to leverage your app to get the highest return on investment.

Open Lines Of Communication

We know that you know your business inside and out, so we make it a point to listen to what you have to say about what your app should look like and do. We take your suggestions seriously, and we don’t have a chip on our shoulder like some other design firms tend to have. We’re good at our jobs, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t take constructive criticism.

Building an app is a team effort, and ultimately, we want to build something that will drive profits for your business. We believe that chemistry matters, and we understand that we’ll be working with you and your employees a lot; it’s not uncommon for our designers to work with your employees to get a better idea of what you are going to need. We value your team’s suggestions, and we do our best to incorporate them into your product.


We’ve worked with lots of businesses, and we know what works for the industry that you are in. Our designers combine an excellent programming aptitude with business knowledge to produce and app that fulfills your needs. We’re constantly learning, and we’re always on top of all the latest design and programming trends, so we’ll always create a modern-day app that your customers will love.

We have a proven understanding of development and implementation, and we have experience in various industries, so we understand the nuances that your customers are looking for. Our team works closely with you and your employees to fine tune your app, and we bring years of experience to the table; with this combination, your app is almost guaranteed to be a success.

Help You Reach Your Goals

Any company out there can produce an app that looks great, but we take it further; we create an aesthetically pleasing app that helps your business reach its goals. We are creative thinkers, and we’ll work with you to figure out how your app can drive extra business. Like we said before, building an app is an investment, and if it doesn’t help you reach your goals, there’s no point in building it.

We keep you updated throughout the development process, and if we run into an important detail that we haven’t discussed, we quickly get in touch with you for your input. We never allow a gap to occur between developer strategy and client expectation, so our projects tend to always finish on time.

We do need some information about your target audience and goals before we start your project, so we’ll work with you to develop a realistic scope and direction for your app before we start working.

We’re straightforward and honest, and we never promise something that we can’t produce; we’re straight shooters that don’t waste your time and resources by taking on projects that we know we can’t finish. This is rare in an industry where you find many companies that accept projects before learning more about them.

We’re Approachable

When you work with DotComWebDesign, you work with a company that you can call up and chat with any time you want. We do a lot of work, but we pride ourselves on being available to our customers; we never want you to feel like you can’t give us a call to talk.

With other companies in the design industry, you feel like a cog in the wheel. You can’t get a hold of them, and they are dismissive when they talk to you. Our company is the complete opposite. We’re always there for you, and we take your suggestions seriously. When we work together, we can create something great.

We’ve worked in this industry for quite some time, and we often work with clients who have been let down in the past. Don’t make the same mistake that other business owners make. Give us a call today, and let us know how we can design a mobile app to help your business succeed.

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