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May 20th, 2017 by Max Soni

The modern world offers many opportunities for marketing. The rise of social media and automated marketing tools as a way to connect with customers and build relationships with them brings an unprecedented level of depth to the way marketers and customers interact. However, without careful planning and a defined goal, it is easy for these tools to become wastes of time, money, and effort. An agency that can provide you with planning and guidance about how to tackle a marketing campaign that uses new media is a crucial asset.
It is easy to find examples of modern marketing that does everything by the book and still fails. Consider Facebook. On the face of it, this platform should be an ideal way to do marketing for a brand, because of the potential for a direction personal connection. However, most brands on Facebook have serious engagement problems- only a tiny fraction of the people who see a post will interact with it at all, and most of that interaction consists of liking the post or writing a short comment. It is far from clear that this does anything to improve business results. In other words, nobody can say how many more sales the brand will make due to a given Facebook post, and the informal evidence indicates that if marketers can’t motivate customers to even click the like button, it is unlikely that these campaigns are increasing revenue.
A major part of why companies are unable to see results from a social media marketing campaign is that they don’t have a clear strategy. There might be a vague goal to increase brand awareness, and a lot of specific attention on the exact wording of individual posts, but there is no in-between- no strategic goal for the marketer’s time and resources. That leads to disorganization, poor targeting, and a lack of interest in the target population.
This is not only a feature of marketing on social media- that is just a particularly germane example. Traditional forms of marketing can suffer from the same failings when they don’t have good planning and a specific strategy to back them up. For example, a television campaign can be pretty expensive. Running a TV spot that just associates the brand with positive imagery doesn’t do a whole lot to increase the business’s bottom line. On the other hand, a series of commercials that are designed to appeal to a certain population, provide them with a specific fact about the brand in a way that brings them value, and then packages that fact in an amusing delivery is much more effective. It has a specific goal and a roadmap.
This illustrates the basic point- every action by a marketer should have a specific motivation. Not something vague, like increasing awareness or increasing engagement, but concrete, like boosting sales among a specific demographic by informing them of a useful element of the brand using an appealing message. Marketing is a strategic field. Having a well-defined plan about how to distribute marketing efforts across media channels, messages, demographic targets, and time is key to being able to outmaneuver the brand’s rivals.
That is exactly the kind of value that we provide at DotCom Web Design. We provide many different kinds of services that vary in how exactly they add value, but among them is our ability to craft a coherent and actionable marketing strategy for your brand. We take into account all of the most important facts about your business and come up with guidance to help you plan out your next steps for marketing. Moreover, we are focused on the bottom line. For us, just getting the word out isn’t enough. We want to see our actions translated into results for you. That’s the best part of our job- when we can sit back after our work is over and see how our effort has turned into more sales or better conversion for your brand.
As planners and strategists, we consider the whole picture, both short-term and long-term. We understand that both of these time frames are important to the brand’s success, so a marketing campaign should at least consider how its message will change attitudes about the brand both now and in the future. We have years of experience working with contemporary marketing techniques and settings to satisfy the needs of our clients. In fact, our work has won awards in several different service areas. As an agency, we are full-stack in that we offer everything from modeling and strategy and research and development, on the abstract side, to branding, support, and marketing on the practical side. Our capacity to handle so many different possible tasks makes us extremely valuable to our clients- they know that they are getting the best work and our undivided attention, no matter which area or areas they decide to ask us to help them with.
Remember that marketing needs to be strategic. This is business, after all. Competition is fierce, and in today’s market, there is no room for wasting the valuable time of the marketing staff on unfocused initiatives. It’s time to take control of your brand’s destiny.

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