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May 20th, 2017 by Max Soni

Every business that wants to build a positive public image needs to develop media relations. It takes time to contact newspapers, radio and television stations, related companies and services, and trade journals and establish a relationship that can continue to be revisited with every new promotional campaign. Then there’s social media as well, which requires frequent posts and status updates to remain relevant to the company’s followers.

Developing a market plan and implementing it with press releases can be time consuming. Some companies post a newsletter online or send one by mail to customers and the target market. Either a company can hire a person or set up a department to handle this work, or it can outsource the marketing projects to a media relationship management agency.

What is media relationship management?

Media relationships are essential for building a buzz and keeping your business in the news. The more positive press a company receives, the more likely the public will keep that company in mind for future business. An added bonus is that if the press is positive, it helps to build good will toward the company in general so that local community members take pride in the organization and are more likely to do business with it.

How we help.

We are a leading media relationship management agency with significant experience helping to get companies noticed by the public. Working with traditional broadcast media as well as Internet social media, our experts will keep your organization front and center in the public eye. You don’t need to hire an employee or a team to handle the public media tasks for the company, so you don’t have to worry about training, office space, and benefits. We meet with your designated employees to discuss the media goals. Then we flesh out a plan and get your feedback before the official launch.

You decide whether you want to emphasize company milestones or current events that piggyback on seasons, holidays, and news stories. We’ll discuss ways in which your company’s achievements can be positioned within a focused framework to attract public attention. Editors, publishers, broadcast hosts, and website moderators within our database of media relationships will be contacted to play a role in helping your business to garner public interest.

What we do.

After crafting a media campaign that will target your niche market of consumers, we’ll select the most effective media outlets for channeling your media updates. If you have a strong history working with the local newspaper, we will establish a secure line of communication to feed them periodic stories of interest about the company. Updates and breaking news, such as a new administrator coming on board, will be mentioned.

In addition, if your employees include experts with opinions on newsworthy topics that the public wants to hear about, we will schedule interviews, webinars, presentations, and other public forums to build a platform between them and your organization to the public.

Furthermore, if your products are services win awards or make news in other ways, we’ll be sure the public hears about it by shining the spotlight on the company and specific employees who are involved.

Our overarching goal is to build a bridge between your company and the public through various media. The way to do that is by cultivating relationships with the media that can be leveraged to vault your company’s image to the center of public attention.

How we excel.

Although there are plenty of media experts out there eager to offer a helping hand, our team is ultra-qualified to do the best possible job. Why? Because we love what we do, and we enjoy watching businesses become even more successful. When a big news story breaks for one of our clients, we smile and feel good, knowing we played a role in making that happen.

Our employees are well educated with significant industry experience in media relations. A look at our client list shows that we work with the best to get outstanding results. Team members take their work seriously and are dedicated to ensuring successful outcomes. We listen carefully to the client’s description of what is desired, and we do our utmost to make it happen.

Social media expertise is another strength we offer in support of our client’s marketing relations. While extremely fast-paced and demanding frequent updates, we take pride in leading the pack with our dedicated staff. Mobile phone and iPad apps can be developed for busy customers on the go who can quickly download your company’s latest information. They can also receive notifications about Instagram posts or other social media updates.

Whatever your media goals, we can help you with cutting edge technology and secure connections to media of all kinds that can introduce your business to the public. Working together, we will ensure that your company receives positive notice that will attract new customers to see what all the buzz is about.

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