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May 20th, 2017 by Max Soni

Design is an integral part of your business’s success. It is always at the forefront of the creative process to establish a logo or perhaps a key phrase. However, such archaic attempts at penetrating your consumers’ psyche will not have the branding impact needed in today’s global economy. The question then becomes, how do you consistently and strongly impact your consumers’ minds easily and effectively?

The need, rather than luxury, for visual branding can be a hard pill to swallow. In the boardroom, the cost of creating a strong visual branding campaign is often seen as something to grudgingly accept. It can be tempting to downplay the importance of extending your brand’s visual impact past a simple logo and color scheme.

What is important to remember is a properly executed visual brand can single handedly propel your brand’s impact into new territory, which translates into profit and consumer loyalty. That said, think like some of the world’s leading brands. Realize visual design is an asset that is fodder for consumer guidance, brand recognition, growth, and overall ROI. It is the foundation of every successful brand in existence.

At DotCom Web Design, we want to do more than sell you a design. We want to partner with you to make your brand as strong as possible. When we sit down at the drawing table we want you to understand what is driving the ideas and branding designs we present. We don’t create fluff, we create solid brand visuals.

They Keys to Your Consumers’ Minds

Briefly consider the brands you are loyal to or recognize on site. The immediate effect their branding has on you is what your company should be seeking to stir in others. There is an exacting science behind how color, form, presentation, and placement affect consumers’ minds. While your team may be full of great ideas, it will take a professional firm to translate those raw ideas into an impactful visual branding campaign.

It may be hard to fathom, but even the choice of a round or square button on your webpage can illicit different responses from your consumers. The flow of a brochure, font and color choices can make an irresistibly appealing advertisement or an immediate addition to the recycling bin. Understanding how to unlock the consumer response most favorable to your brand is essential.

Creating a set of rules that allow for diversity, while consistently expressing your brand’s voice via advertisement, copy, product design, internal communications, and the like, is an art unto itself. Understanding what motivates, draws, and provokes your consumers to action will allow your company to have the most strategic marketing position.

Visual Design Psychology

There is a specific psychology to visual design. For example, an understanding of shape psychology can take a nice logo and transform it into a worldwide brand. Consider why the M in Mc Donald’s has curved rather than pointed tops, or why Nike is named after the Greek god of victory and uses a signature swoosh. None of those choices is by accident, and even you associate the arch and swoosh of those companies with their brands.

Circular shapes universally create a positive response in people. If you notice, products directed at children are covered with circles. Moving circles, bubbly design, rounded corners. People associate circular forms with friendship and community.

Variations of circular shape, such as the oval and ellipse, are often found encasing brand names. Such design screams, innovation, security, and stability. There are several car companies that have used the oval or ellipse to encase their brand names and then mirrored that subliminal message with a verbal message about the sturdiness or reliability of their product.

On the flip side, squares, rectangles and triangles speak to order, stability, and even religion. When power, strength, balance, or an authoritative voice is sought by a brand such shapes will be in prominence. To that same measure angles, linear lines, and various other elements of design can be used in your brand’s web presence, logo, materials, ad campaigns, and other propaganda to elicit particular responses and reinforce your brand voice.

Men or Women

To the same quotient, considerations of if your consumer will be of both sexes, or predominantly one, will also affect your brand visuals. Blending color and curvature, perhaps bright red and a more rounded font, will have the benefit of drawing men and women. Boxing in focus points will draw consumers to them, while curvature around words will draw focus to those things around them.

Women tend to be more open to trying new things, while men tend to be more set in their ways. Marketing to women is actually more cost effective than marketing to men because of the aforementioned reason. That said, the extra expense of marketing to men is offset by the fact that men have a great deal of brand loyalty.

When both sexes are the target of your visual branding campaign you will want to bridge the gap between emotional and logical marketing. This is especially important with visual website branding and design. Women like to look about, while men want in and out solutions. As our team works with you, we will try to determine where your overall visual branding design meets with your target consumer’s desires and needs.

There are literally endless considerations when creating a strong visual branding campaign. Your brand must be capable of maintaining impact long-term; it must be relatable and most importantly true to the vision of your company. There is a language to visual branding and our DotCom Web Design team is fluent in it.

We will strive to choose the right blend of shapes, colors, consumer driven materials, finish, typography, and overall visual composition to directly and subliminally relate the image and message your brand needs to convey for success. We want consumers to build a relationship with your brand that is both positive and memorable. Most of all, we want to establish a long-term relationship with you. Together we can realize your vision.

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