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May 20th, 2017 by Max Soni

With the digital era witnessing an increasing trend in the use of Smartphones, both large and small businesses are now shifting their attention to mobile marketing to catch up with changes that are happening in the marketing world. In the past few years, the buyer behavior has really changed, and consumers are now using mobile devices for communication and online interaction. There is, therefore, a need for businesses to embark on using mobile devices in order to be able to win many customers.


Mobile marketing mainly involves using apps on mobile devices to advertise products and services. Most businesses that have embarked on this form of marketing have definitely started recording a great increase in their monthly and annual revenue. On the other hand, businesses that aren’t utilizing some form of mobile marketing are really lagging behind when it comes to realizing profits.


What is all about mobile marketing?


Mobile marketing may be perceived as an extension of internet marketing whereby businesses adopt a permission-based interaction with audiences. In order for businesses to reach out to consumers, they must first obtain the phone numbers of users and request for text messages. This form of marketing also entails reaching out to consumers through mobile friendly websites.


The mobile marketing ad formats, styles, and customization may vary because many websites, social media platforms, and mobile apps offer unique and more tailored mobile ad options. Working with a mobile marketing agency that understands your individual business needs can offer the most viable strategies to grow your business.


Why do businesses need a mobile marketing strategy?


Any business should now have realized that there is no way out to steer clear of mobile marketing. Reason being, consumers, are not using their mobile devices including Smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets to access the internet and purchase online. It wasn’t long ago when many businesses and marketers used to treat mobile devices as marginal and of little use; however, that is changing now.


New trends in mobile device usage indicate that, nothing may be further from truth—use of mobile devices is there to stay. The PC is now only one of the many pieces of hardware, which people use to gain access to the internet, but it won’t be the primary device anymore. Consumer PC sales are plummeting, and it is unlikely that they will ever grow again in near future unless there is some radical change.


Which mobile marketing strategy fits for your business?


Businesses are different, and what may work for one entity, it may not work for another. In deciding which mobile marketing strategy you are going to use, you should examine your niche, the trends in the market, your audience, and the consumer behavior. The best mobile marketing strategy will depend on your industry, budget, and target audience.


For example, an app-based marketing is one that involves the use of mobile apps. Though it is estimated that close to 80 percent of mobile user’s time is spent engaging with apps, so businesses may not have to create their own apps so that they succeed in this marketing platform. There are companies that offer such apps, which businesses can take advantage of.


QR codes are other forms of mobile marketing tools businesses can use, but these have not received wide acceptance from audiences because of their misuse. They can be a source of harmful malware and in most cases, users may avoid them.


Mobile ads can appear on user’s mobile devices depending on the geographical location they are in. This is the location based or geo-targeted mobile marketing. For instance, a business may want its ads to appear on mobile devices when the users are within a certain radius from the business location.


Mobile search ads are provided by search engines, and they offer features such as click-to-call or maps. On top of that, there are mobile image ads, which are designed to appear on the mobile devices.


The oldest yet widely used form of mobile marketing is the SMS or text message, and it involves capturing the phone number of users and sending them text offers. Businesses ought to select their mobile marketing tools carefully in order to ensure that they get the best results.


Use of responsive websites and mobile marketing


Retailers and other brands are now going back to the basics in mobile web. This is because, most businesses that had created websites only viewable from desktops have realized they are losing business because many mobile users cannot access the sites from their devices.


Many companies, for a long time, stayed away from creating their presence in the mobile web. Only until recently did brands and retailers realize that consumer behavior is changing. Consumers are shifting from shopping and buying in brick and mortar stores or laptops and desktops to using Smartphones and tablets.


The need for use of mobile phones in online shopping and buying was demonstrated by events such as that of Best Buy, where the company experienced an outrage during the Black Friday spending season following a surge in mobile website traffic.


Responsive web designing is intended to allow users of mobile phones to be able to access retailers’ websites in both PCs and Smartphones without having to create different websites for each device.


Why businesses should seek help of a mobile marketing agency


Many businesses are now beginning to embrace the notion of mobile web, and they have started designing websites and marketing campaigns, which align with mobile use. A mobile marketing agency can help businesses create their online presence by reaching out to consumers in PCs, tablets, and Smartphones.


Today’s multi-screen viewership necessitates businesses to have responsive website designs. Dotcomwebdesign.net has a team of web designers who understand the trends in mobile marketing and can help you increase your conversion rates on tablets and mobile phones.


Not only that, businesses must embrace responsive web design if they want to have a higher ranking in search engines. A mobile marketing agency can also help you develop the right strategy for your mobile marketing. The best mobile website or app should be easy to use, has fast load times, and is capable of increasing lead generation and sales.


Dotcom website design offers you a scalable mobile app development that suits your business individual needs. The app developers can help you to engage effectively your audiences in an organic manner. The design team is a think-tank in planning, designing and developing a functional and adaptive mobile app or website that can drive your business to the path of success.

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