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May 20th, 2017 by Max Soni

The internet has forever changed the buyer-seller relationship. Companies can no longer remain passive and or try to impose their brand’s relevance in their market. Companies need a complete online marketing and advertising solution, one where they bring their online brand and customer relationship management strategies to the next level.

Today’s consumer is a real-time active participant, one who can mold, influence and change a company’s brand, reputation and standing in its market. It’s a whole new world for relationship management and it’s one that Dotcomwebdesign.net has an intimate understanding of. We know how to bring your company closer to your customers in a way that forever positions your company as their only option.

Dotcomwebdesign.net’s focus to relationship management is simple. We create a complete online solution, one where we combine a responsive and engaging website design with a social media strategy and online brand management platform that continually feeds your company with valuable voice of customer (VOC) data. We improve the buyer-seller relationship so that your company is always accessible to customers, always able to respond and always aware of how customers view your company, its products and its services.

Today’s market leaders know that customers are always moving, always mobile and always connected. Smartphones and mobile devices are used daily by individuals in order to stay in constant contact with the outside world. Consumers use mobile devices to find their favorite restaurant, shop at their favorite store and locate friends and family through social media.

Today’s consumer relies more upon the feedback from friends through social media when making a purchase than they do a company’s controlled messaging. It’s this reliance on the feedback and suggestions of likeminded individuals that your company must tap into and we can help your company do exactly that.

Dotcomwebdesign.net’s complete solution is focused on ensuring your company is always at your customer’s fingertips. When it comes to online relationship management, we offer a complete solution, one where we combine a responsive website design with a proactive online brand management strategy that’s backed by a team of online marketing experts, ones who have a history of success bringing companies and customers closer together.

Responsive Website Design

Our web design team will work with you to create an engaging and impactful website, one that appeals to your target audience. Google’s recent mobile-friendly algorithm change is something we understand thoroughly. As such, we know how important it is that your website is mobile-capable. With online searches via mobile devices surpassing online searches on laptops, a mobile-friendly and capable website is a must for today’s constantly moving customer. Mobile-friendly websites are being ranked higher in online search results and a mobile-capable platform is what we can provide.

That mobile-friendly and responsive website design has to be easily navigable across all platforms and screen types. Regardless of whether it’s a laptop, tablet, desktop or mobile phone, Dotcomwebdesign.net’s design team will make that website a thing to behold. In the end, we view your website as your ultimate customer relationship tool.

The end goal is to increase your click-through-rate (CTR) and conversions on customer visits by providing a platform that incentivizes customers to act by giving them a definitive call to action. However, a website is never a one-time endeavor. Instead, it’s a living, breathing entity and it must be responsive to all platforms and to the real-time input provided by customers. As such, our approach to website design isn’t static. Instead, it’s constantly evolving from the input your customers provide as they interact with your website. It’s a strategy that has worked incredibly well for multiple Dotcomwebdesign.net customers, ones who have entrusted us with their customer relationship management endeavors.

Identity and Online Branding

It’s not just about driving traffic to your website and ensuring that more visitors become customers. It’s ultimately about helping your company navigate the online world of brand and identity management. Again, today’s consumer is a real-time active influencer. They engage other customers and people with similar interests in real-time. This changes the landscape about how your company’s brand is perceived because everything a customer does nowadays is responsive, immediate and time-critical.

The best enterprises have eschewed the outdated brand strategies of the past. In its place is a proactive and synergistic approach, one where companies rely upon the real-time feedback of customers through a social media strategy that maximizes customer perceptions. Your company’s online brand is defined by your customers. Your company plays an important role. However, gone are the days when companies could impose their will. It’s more of a collaborative effort with today’s customers and we help make that collaboration happen.

Video Production

The written word is no longer the dominant medium online. While content is still King, it has changed. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then video is your company’s ultimate outreach tool to your market, your customers and your stakeholders. Nothing is as powerful and an appealing and engaging video.

Customers gravitate to video. The right video can incentivize customers to act, give them a reason to purchase and be thought-provoking enough for them to share with friends and family members through social media. Dotcomwebdesign.net’s approach to video production starts with a definitive statement about your customers, your company’s message and ends with an appealing video that clearly conveys your company’s brand and your value assertion.

Packaging Design

One the front end is your website, your online advertising and marketing strategy and your social media presence. One the back end is how you sell and service your customer base, how they receive and interact with your finished goods and how they perceive your company after their purchase. When your customer finally purchases, they need to be wowed. We help make that happen by incorporating a vivid logo, colorful images and right-sized font that sets your packaging apart.

Your finished good has to make an impression. A customer that has gone through the process of placing an order needs to see something definitive and impressive. It’s ultimately about defining your product’s quality, distinguishing your product and service offerings and setting your company apart from the crowd. The right packaging design is the icing on the cake and our team knows how to wow customers.

Relationship management is constantly-evolving. We help your company reach a global audience and we show you how to use your customers’ feedback to further improve your company, its website and your position in your market. The ultimate goals is to bring your company closer to your mobile customer base. That involves a complete digital marketing and advertising strategy that builds your brand, distinguishes your company from its competition and one that helps you better manage your customer relationships.

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