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Marketing Campaign Identity Agency

May 20th, 2017 by Max Soni

The people who are running your marketing campaign in-house may be quite technically proficient. They may have a great deal of experience in one aspect or another of the marketing campaign. However, allowing specialists to perform their duty without an overall campaign identity is akin to playing football and baseball at the same time on the same field – chaos is sure to ensue.

Whether you have the staff in house you with the technical aspects of a marketing campaign, you need a campaign identity in order to translate your ideas to the general public. Without this overall strategy, you risk paying a great deal of money for technical expertise without having a true message that will create a unique position for your company in the marketplace.

In order to counter this mistake that many new business owners make, a campaign identity partnership can be formed with a reputable third-party agency. Many of the most successful companies in the world, including some in the Fortune 500, incorporate this strategy into their day-to-day operations. Here are some of the most important things to understand about a campaign identity agency and what they can do for you.

– What exactly is campaign identity?

Your campaign identity can be defined as the direction that your marketing efforts take over the life of your company. In order to have a successful campaign identity, your overall strategy should be unique, combining the efforts of all of your departments into a single message that can be easily translated to your target market.

Campaign identity is the mission statement that your business will go back to whenever there is a discrepancy about a future action. Decisions about what picture to use on a new site, what keyword phrase to target or the demographic to begin a marketing effort for can all be answered by looking back to the overall goals of the campaign.

– How can I improve the campaign identity efforts within my company?

Your campaign identity can be improved immediately through market analysis of your position against the position of your competition. Where are you affecting the most positive change in your market, and what voids in the market does your company have the ability to fill? Although you may be able to pick up on a few trends here and there by looking through Facebook posts or creating surveys for your current customer base, you will likely not have the time to follow these trends in a real time format. This is the standard of business in today’s world, and if you are not properly staffed to facilitate this, then you will find yourself behind the eight ball very shortly.

Campaign identity efforts can also be improved through a standardization of your visual marketing efforts. You need a process that gives all of your individual campaigns a specific look that can be easily noted, especially by your target audience. This may be difficult as you contract different third-party independent workers to cost-effectively create individual campaigns; you likely do not have the in-house staff that will stick around long enough to create this process for you. However, you can help your efforts by outsourcing your long-term strategic planning efforts to a campaign identity agency that will help to direct your independent contractors.

After you have studied your place in the market and the looks of your campaigns, you can also improve your campaign identity by streamlining your message. You are likely on many social media platform with different formats and requirements for posting. It can be very difficult to create a consistent message with your text, pictures and videos, all of different lengths and addressing a different segment of your target market. This may be something that you need to outsource as well.

– What should I look for in a campaign identity agency?

You should definitely look for a campaign identity agency that can provide a streamlined and unique visual marketing presence for your campaigns as a whole. No matter who you are using to create the individual assets for each marketing campaign or product campaign, the campaign identity agency will be the entity that oversees the entire look of your branding from project to project.

You should look for a campaign identity agency with the ability to get inside of the true reasons of existence for your business. Your campaign identity agency should be able tell you just as much about your mission statement as tell them. It is always good to get an agency with experience in your industry; however, this is not required as long as your campaign identity matches the standards that your target market has set for the industry in the past.

If you have not found a campaign identity agency that you like, we are here to ensure the longevity of your marketing campaigns. Give us an email or call today so that we can begin to streamline your process and provide a direction for your marketing efforts currently as well as in the future.

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