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June 18th, 2020 by max soni

The security clearance counsel of Lawscape consistently stand beside military personnel and employees and contractors of the federal government in all stages of the security clearance procedure. We can help you procure any level of security clearance – confidential, secret, or top secret.

An application for a security clearance must be done with great care and expertise. Being completely truthful at every stage of the application and renewal process is key. Indeed, gaining a security clearance is the greatest sign of trust from the government. Federal employees, military members and government contractors are often obligated to get and sustain a security clearance in order to continue to work in their sensitive jobs.  It has become increasingly difficult in recent years because of policy changes. 

Our attorneys are at your service to provide counsel throughout the duration of the security clearance application, revocation and appeals process, including:

  • Requests for Hearings
  • Preparation for interrogatories and investigative interviews
  • Pre-Clearance Counseling for SF-86 and DD Form 1879 
  • Help identify mitigating circumstances and drafting answers
  • Preparation of response to the Statement of Reasons and Denial Letters
  • Representation at post-denial hearings in front of the Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA), Department of Defense, FBI, CIA, DHS, and all federal courts and government agencies, including document and witness preparation
  • Preparation and representation throughout further appeals

We regularly assist federal employees and contractors as well as military personnel in all stages of the security clearance process and have helped hundreds retain their clearances. We have been holders of security clearance lawyers at various levels, signifying that we understand the process from personal experience. 

If the information authorities found about you during the investigation appears to you to be misleading or inaccurate, you have the right to appeal.  This your opportunity to correct or clarify the facts and lock down  security clearance. An attorney from our team who is experienced in reviewing records and writing appellate briefs will assist, proving that you are not a security risk and would otherwise be granted the security clearance. Reach out to talk to a national security lawyer.

The team of security clearance attorneys at Lawscape is familiar with the application process, adjudicative guidelines, and mitigating factors. All of our attorneys have held security clearances themselves and know how it feels to go through the investigative process.

In case of a denial or revocation, we will fight fervently to demonstrate your trustworthiness and grant you access to the security clearance you deserve. We often represent clients on appeal and at hearings before the DOHA, multiple federal agencies and administrative bodies, and in federal court.

Ethics and Professional Standards

We work arduously to maintain ethical standards and a level of professionalism exceeding the expectations of us by our clients and the court. The ethical principles we work by call us to treat clients respectfully.  We provide affordable counsel to members of the communities we serve, as well as composed and dignified representation.

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