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At DotComWebDesign, we give you the expertise you need to make a successful plan for lead generation. Lead generation is among the most important factors of what makes a marketing campaign a successful one. Typically, this practice refers to researching and securing prospective customers most likely to purchase the service or product you have to offer; in other words, we turn them from a lead and make them a customer.

There are many ways to perform lead generation strategies; they’re flexible enough to tailor to the needs of your company in particular. We are always working tirelessly to make sure your company gets the response it seeks to get from its target audience.


Why Choose DotComWebDesign for Lead Generation Strategies?

Other firms offer a similar service, but we work diligently with you at every phase of the process. Aside from getting your more customers, our goal is to be sure you’re always informed about what we’re doing and how effective our tried strategies have been so far. We use different methods to generate leads to ensure your brand name is involved with several visibility tactics. This includes participating in a blog, optimizing the website and press releases, among other opportunities.

Another firm may try a few generic strategies to try and reel in some fish, but we’re always ready to ensure you’re getting relevant traffic from various sources. We want to maximize the odds that you’ll gain and retain critical client traffic that steadily increases over time.

Contact us today if you’re ready to benefit from our successful lead generation strategies.

Everything Begins with Content

If you want to build a metaphorical tower of visibility on the web, think of content as the stones necessary to lay the foundation. Compelling content is very important in lead generation strategy, including all the tools needed to increase traffic. This includes SEO, your blog, social platforms, PPC and others. Marketers have reported that 2013 saw a 70.94 percent increase in demand for new content — a trend that isn’t stopping. It’s key to create and curate compelling content from the beginning.

The adage that says you catch more honeys being fly: It won’t work in the bar, but it does actually work for your marketing strategy, improving rates of lead generation and the number of qualified leads that your business will attract.

Techniques with Landing Page Conversion

We also implement landing pages. This is a page that someone is brought to after clicking an online marketing element, such as an advertisement. These pages exist separately from the website your company has built, and they’re usually meant for one marketing campaign.

Landing pages serve two essential stepping-stone purposes: capturing a lead and warming up someone who may be a prospective customer. Both must be done before you can get a sale. There exist two kinds of landing pages:

Lead generation landing pages exist to record information from a user before giving them something in exchange. This refers to the concept of giving before asking.

Click-through landing pages attempt to attract based on specific services or products that you’re interested in selling. Its goal is to inform the visitor such that they’ll want to purchase the service or product.

Either way, landing pages have a single call-to-action strategy. Rather than overwhelm a visitor with everything to know about your business, we provide an area that helps narrow the focus to one goal for the reader and prospective customer. We keep away any excess information and provide a very simple, straightforward space for the goal.

Regardless of the strategy we implement, the most important thing to do is ensure that we deliver on the promise that the advertisement made. If you have an advertisement that offers half-priced computers, the landing page will need to offer visitors with the quickest way for you to deliver on the promise. One method we would try in such a case would be to provide a call-to-action right on the headline of the page.

Inbound, Outbound and Mixed Strategies

At DotComWebDesign, we specialize in lead generation strategies that focus on inbound, outbound and mixed generations.

Blogging is one effective method our specialists at DotComWebDesign have to offer. Using a blog to create educational, high-quality content helps attract new leads. We can answer the questions your audience is asking.

Not only this, but we can also post links to the blog on social media outlets; these platforms are unrivaled in their ability to engage in relevant conversation while building personal relationships with prospective customers.

By using proper planning and a good strategy, we can use trade shows to effectively reach many potential customers in a short period of time. By honing our strategy to move through the time wasters to the real prospects and by using our expertise, we ensure that we can reach numerous fresh leads to your pipeline in a short time frame.

Email marketing touches upon the inbound and outbound properties at once. By creating emails asking for referrals, we can avoid cold-calling and wasting people’s time with generic messages. Instead, we can target potential customers by creating offers and introducing compelling content, encouraging them to share with others and hopefully introduce new subscribers.

Our approach has been proven to work time and time again. Our strategic roots begin with valuable insight to help us uncover the best levers based on marketplace behavior, analytics and your company’s goals. We acknowledge the nuances of segments within segments, so we segment the audience based on behavior, demographics, geography and psychographics to ensure we’re always getting the right message to the right person.

We devote our time and years of experience to create and adapt your digital and creative strategy to ensure you’re always addressing your long-term business goals and short-term needs for the company.

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