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It makes sense at first, taking on someone who wants to learn more about the industry and who can tackle the job you don’t need to personally focus on. You might have already spent years refining your sales approach in the industry, but now it seems like all the young kids know social media marketing better than ever.

Parents, kids and everyone else in between is on social media. There’s no better time to get started integrating a social media strategy when determining your next marketing objective.

With DotComWebDesign’s social media management team, you benefit from personalized campaigns based on what your company can maintain along with your revenue goals and ideal target audience. We have years of combined experience in growing brands through social media channels, helping us learn how to do more than just create hype. Our professionals target specific demographics and leverage SEO to start a conversation with relevant prospective consumers, helping you generate engagement with a new audience.

Just because that faithful intern grew up during the Facebook age doesn’t give them a professional edge. People are conversing, and you need professional experience to help direct the flow toward something about your brand. Partnering with DotComWebDesign is an excellent way to get started.

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With social media becoming more prominent in business, there is some more good news. The two largest platforms are publicly traded companies; money keeps investors happy, which keeps the platform running smoothly. As a direct result, social media channels make an excellent place for company marketing. Twitter and Facebook have made it a bit more difficult to organically reach target audiences, which increases the need for social advertisements.

With the right social media management partner to handle this strategy, you can see just how effective social ads can be. Never again will you wonder if readers are seeing your posts as new followers and engagement increase.

DotComWebDesign Social Media Services

Our professional social media consultants can work closely with your team to figure out what works best for your company. We work hard to ensure your brand becomes more recognized, that customers become more engaged and stay longer, and that your social media campaigns take off with ease.

At DotComWebDesign, we can evaluate any current strategy that you have for social media or create a new one based on your specific needs and desires. We also work closely to help you plan out a new strategy for both short- and long-term goals. As a part of our service, we’ll also audit your community to ensure that it is compliant with industry regulations, including recommendations for child Internet safety. We provide feedback on the overall user experience as well.

We can support implementing new tools and use the information we receive to help define a strategy for social media. We are also pleased to note that we can provide an editorial calendar and help create a strategy for curating and producing content. In other words, we can make a successful strategy for your company needs.

Our Process

While every plan is tailored to the specific company, we have a general foundation for which we base our winning strategies. For us, organization helps win the game. Our social media managers work closely together to ensure that we surpass your expectations.

First, we prepare by putting together the resources we require for our team. This includes researching the competition to see how the industry’s landscape is performing in relation to your company. Then, we install web analytics and channels to ensure proper cross-promotion; this lets us push content on schedule.

We’re liking posts, tweeting new content and pinning new pictures. After we’ve extensively researched our target audience, we fire off the strategy we’ve developed. If you want more exposure on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or anywhere else, we have what it takes to harness the power of the people.

We’ll work hard to start conversations about your brand. The more followers you can generate, the more trustworthy your brand becomes, building loyalty that translates to more money.

The only way to get these additional followers is to regularly push out high-quality content that gets Google’s attention. We’ll start getting your audience interested in your brand with contests, giveaways or even popular photos. There’s more to the process than this, of course, but you’ll need a professional eye to ensure your content reaches the specific people you want to speak to.

Through the opportunities that social media affords us, we propel your company into the news feed, communicating with a prospective audience to help build loyalty to the brand. We engage the audience with promotions and share information relevant to their interests. People start to respond, and your reach extends.

Once you see an influx of new customers, the work doesn’t stop; now, we at DotComWebDesign must monitor this data to help ensure the strategy continues to work. After all, you don’t know that it’s working unless we can prove it.

It’s never a good idea to try a new social media tactic without planning out the process and measuring success. It’s easy for posts to backfire, meaning billions of people can quickly see a mistake you’ve made. Our managers are especially skilled at controlling and containing crises like this, working to keep the strength of your brand integrity.

We monitor which posts work well, which times of days work best, and similar information that helps us direct the flow of our strategy. We always move toward success to ensure your company presence continues to grow. If you’re in need of a custom strategy for your company, then you’re in the right place.

DotComWebDesign has improved social media since the days before Facebook was prominent. We have many years of experience that have been honed for different platforms, making us the best versatile choice for your strategy.