E-Commerce Development Agency


DotComWebDesign is an e-commerce development agency that offers advanced solutions to help bring your products online for sale. If you have yet to venture into the e-commerce industry, it may be time to start changing your sales channels, which lets you expand your client base with the help of an online store. We’re the unrivaled experts at making custom stores using powerful e-commerce software.

Drupal Commerce and Ubercart are two powerful open-source options in particular that we can use to help build your online store. By leveraging Drupal’s natural ability to make communities built around products and services, we are capable of using these modules to help you sell premium content, such as paid downloads and more.


What is E-Commerce?

Electronic commerce, or e-Commerce for short, is a term that refers to commercial transaction occurring on the Internet. It covers just about any kind of business that shares information, whether it’s a consumer-based retail website, a music download website, an auction business or a business that exchanges goods with or between other businesses. Currently, it’s one of the most important factors of modern Internet for business.

That’s because e-Commerce lets consumers exchange goods without time and distance barriers. In the past five years, e-commerce has grown exponentially and shows no sign of slowing down — in fact, it might be speeding up. It’s clear to us that the boundaries between electronic and traditional commerce will blur as more businesses develop an e-Commerce strategy.

Planning an E-Commerce Business

There is plenty of preparation involved in building an e-Commerce business. By taking time and using our experience, your odds for success are greatly improved. First, we begin by coming up with a realistic business plan. Alternatively, you can bring us your own business plan to evaluate and adapt before execution.

Once the business plan has been fine-tuned, we can take action: We register a domain name, install a shopping cart solution for e-Commerce, create a logo and design the website such that it will attract and appeal to customers. We also establish your credit card merchant account and begin our plans for online advertising and promotions.

It sounds straightforward, but the reality is that building a successful e-Commerce business is a complicated project unlike any other. It requires much research and careful handling before implementing an idea; we work to ensure the strategy will work to maximize profit.

Strategies DotComWebDesign Uses

Businesses looking to break into the e-Commerce industry can become overwhelmed easily. There are plenty of opportunities, so it’s easy to get lost figuring out which one will work best. Our experts can sift through these opportunities and help you take advantage without forcing you to make tough decisions — among which include mobile design, social media strategies, product pricing and others.

Our experts are trained to create a strategy that fits the needs of your customer while approaching and attracting new customers.

User-Friendly Experience
Customers can’t physically review a product that’s sold online, which means it’s a little more difficult to convince them to make a purchase. By making an appropriate pricing decision and creating a personalized experience that focuses on the user, we implement one strategy to encourage a customer to fill up their digital cart.

Services You Want
Fellow teams and family members make good test subjects for a new e-Commerce site or product. Our experts can design a site that allows a customer to use the website as long as needed. If there’s something you feel is missing from the website that you’d like as a user, it’s something worth reviewing and looking into.

Getting Customer Feedback
All businesses need customer feedback — you want customers to walk away feeling good, making them more willing to spread conversation about your company by word of mouth. We work hard to promote brand loyalty.

Not only can customer feedback help your company evolve and make any necessary adaptations, but listening to the feedback of your customers helps us leverage their voice. Customers badly want to help correct the mistakes a company make and want to know they’re important. We implement strategies that don’t shock customers into participating but help them feel good about their decision to support your company.

Capitalizing on Social Media
We have found social media strategy to be very effective at driving relevant traffic to your e-Commerce website. Platforms like eBay, Etsy, Pinterest and Instagram have all proven useful for businesses of all sizes. In fact, social media channels are one of the best ways to help start the momentum of the power of word of mouth, which is incredibly useful when starting your company.

Working with Mobile
We have found in the last few years that e-Commerce companies no longer can afford to ignore those who exclusively use mobile devices to make purchases. It’s a simple fact: four out of five smartphone owners shop from their devices, and there are quite a number of smartphone owners.

Offer Incentives
If Amazon Prime is any indication, incentivizing a customer is a very effective method. Whether you provide a loyalty program for a VIP customer, provide a discount or run a promotion, giving a few extras that don’t cost much for the company helps increase the word of mouth promotion while improving affinity for your brand.

Always Evolving
The online marketplace is always evolving, so our strategies are as well; we help you stay a step ahead from the rest of the competition by keeping an eye on your customers and the latest trends; we perform extensive research and analyze metrics to ensure you are up to date on useful strategy and emerging technologies. We can also help experiment with a new tool by making adaptations in real time, allowing us to improve user experience and your bottom line.