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DotComWebDesign is a leading Boston web design and online branding agency. We service elite brands, startups, and small businesses. We’re partners, not vendors. Let’s chat today on how we can help your company.

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DotComWebDesign is a proud, passionate, and entrepreneurial national boutique web-development company, based out of Boston. We are passionate about helping clients generate more revenue. Creating an amazing website – is simply one of the ways we’re able to achieve that. DotComWebDesign takes time to study their client’s business, current market position, and competition. DotComWebDesign then uses the latest technologies to build from scratch web sites that set clients apart from and above their competition. Such web sites could provide the base for the next great web start-up or help improve a companies existing conversion rate.

Our Process


The time spent researching a client, that client’s offerings, and that client’s competitive landscape, provides extremely valuable information for developing a website. We firmly believe that creating a 360 degree strategy is key – to achieving better results. Much of the success we take responsibility for – is due to the high quality strategies we create for our clients.


DotComWebDesign’s team is the reason our clients are successful. Our team’s pride, and passion, in their work – is what brings them to the office, in the evenings – and on the weekends. Our work ethic is second to none – and it’s why we’re able to guarantee clients specific timelines.


DotComWebDesign is a data driven web design agency. Everything we do, revolves around measuring the success of our efforts. That means setting up the proper analytical tools, that track leads generated, and other important metrics. DotComWebDesign gathers data and ensure the effectiveness of each web site. DotComWebDesign sets goals for each web site’s performance and implements updates to the web site’s design and functionality based on analytical results. Thus, DotComWebDesign has measurable proof of the continued success of each web site.


Unlike some web development companies that use outsourcing, DotComWebDesign’s in-house specialists work as a team in design, development, and digital marketing, allowing DotComWebDesign complete control of each client’s web marketing efforts. This team continually builds upon, optimizes, and improves each client’s targeted web site content and marketing strategies.

The DotComWebDesign Web Design Process


In this growth phase, every team member participates in a client interview to learn the client’s main goals and researches the client, its needs and offerings, and its competition.


The planning phase uses information from the discovery phase and the client’s current SEO ranking, social media presence, and content generation to identify the client’s unique traits. DotComWebDesign then chooses the design concepts and characteristics that emphasize those unique qualities and that improve upon the client’s current standing.


During the development phase, DotComWebDesign works closely with the client to create a mockup site. The goal is to tailor, as expeditiously as possible, a web site that meets marketing goals and international, search engine, and web standards.


Having an in-house team, fully knowing the client and the client’s competition, building from scratch, and data from the tracking system allows DotComWebDesign to optimize each client’s web site. Continually analyzing each client’s SEO ranking, search engine positioning, and social media presence improves upon each client’s marketing success. Marketing tactics, such as PPC, email marketing, search engine optimization, and other vehicles, generate unmatched returns on investment for each client.