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StarTchr – NYC Department of Education

Business Problems: Desire to change how teachers professionally collaborate, but nothing else

Doctorwho_50th-anniversary_thumbnail_02StarTchr, is a NYC Department of Education funded, project – designed to help teachers of the fine arts connect virtually, in order to develop professionally.

The NYC DOE had a goal they wanted to tackle:help fine arts teachers be able to bridge physical barriers, and connect digitally in order to grow as educators, and be better equipped to handle the new Common Core requirements. They challenged DotComWebDesign to help address this need, and create a never before done portal – that would set the foundation for future growth amongst fine arts educators.


StarTchr is the very first platform to successfully combine social media and professional development together, without sacrificing on either component. Upon launch, the platform had a significantly higher than estimated signup, and engagement rate. In the first month, 30% of all arts teachers in the NYC 5 Boroughs signed up for the platform. On a month to month basis, engagement continues to grow amongst teachers. The platform has set new precedents and standards when it comes to what a professional development platform is expected to have.

For the 2015-2016 cycle, the DOE has reaffirmed it’s committement to DotComWebDesign and StarTchr by funding maintenance, and further development of new groundbreaking components, such as city-wide virtual conference capability for teachers, and more.

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