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Roomr Cafe

Visual Branding & Collateral Creation

image descriptionRoomr is a famous cafe, based out of the hip and trending Dumbo, Brooklyn. Roomr approached DotComWebDesign with a vision, and idea, of what it wanted to give to it’s consumers. It relied on us to fill in the blanks, and imagine what that would look like. Our team helped brand the company, and create all of it’s collateral and assets. Since launching, the cafe has blossomed into one of the most frequently visited establishments in Dumbo.

Our team created Roomr’s logo, and all of it’s visual collateral, including it’s website.

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The DotComWebDesign team drafted, created, and iterated, all collateral, including specifically branded hats the team wears, containers for the various products, in addition to branded gift cards that have been purchased over 8000 times.

In addition, our team was responsible for all of the interior design and exterior design, including the external sign, and all other collateral.

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