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Business Problems: Startup looking to enter the market, with no brand, and no collateral - just an idea

Doctorwho_50th-anniversary_thumbnail_02Potbotics is a tech-startup, that approached DotComWebDesign in 2014. Their focus is on bringing technology into the patient-doctor relationship. By leveraging neural technology, they are able to give patients recommendations on which strain of marijuana has the best chemical balance to help alleviate their symptoms.

They had a great idea, but needed assistance bringing it to life. The team at DotComWebDesign assisted PotBotics with a wide array of services, such as: branding, brand guidelines, brand collateral creation, web design, web development, and consumer market entry strategy.


DotComWebDesign continues to service Potbotics for all of their needs. Since launching the brand, the company has raised millions of dollars in venture capital. It has appeared in numerous media outlets, such as: FOX, NBC, WSJ, NYTIMES, and more. Engagement has been through the roof, and the media loves the brand, what it stands for, and is deeply intrigued by it’s positioning statement and core values. Most recently, Potbotics launched their new website for Potbot, an interactive tool to connect consumers with doctors and medical marijuana dispensaries, in addition to providing recommendations.

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